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    The GCIC 29th Annual Business Award Ceremony was held at the Spice Basket on Saturday 28thOctober, under the theme “Strategic Realignment for Growth and Sustainability.”There were approximately 250 members and patrons who came together to celebrate their collective successes of the past year. The keynote speaker for the evening wasTimothy Antoine, Governor of the Eastern Caribbean Central Bankand a ‘Son of the Soil’, whose keynote  address was “Transforming the ECCU together: The Grenada Contribution.


    Governor Antoine informed the audience that notwithstanding the recent hurricanes, the outlook for the Eastern Caribbean Currency Union (ECCU) economy was generally positive; however, he reminded us that significant transformative reforms are required in order for the region to elevate the current growth and employment trajectory. He further stated, that given the vulnerability of the region to natural disasters and external shocks, that it is absolutely essential that resilience be built, and that resilience must be central in all macroeconomic and development policies. Governor Antoine emphasized the importance of unity which remains our greatest strength. He stressed that selected regional approaches are the best prospect for addressing the challenges, and he also reminded the audience of how resilient we are as a people and a region.


    He noted that Grenada was the third (3rd) largest economy, with a 16% share of the ECCU economy. He highlighted the fact that although Grenada has experienced growth it has been volatile, hence the need to ensure more stable growth. On a positive note, he highlighted Grenada’s progress towards the sustainable debt target of 60% GDP. He encourages the use of renewable energy and the reduction of heavy reliance on imported fossil fuels.He identified the challenge of the Country’s high unemployment rate, which includes a mismatching of skills, and the need to urgently address this problem. He urged that with a mobile phone penetration of 111%, use should be made of the technology to increase efficiency with online transactions, for better leverage for development.


    The Governor elaborated the vision of a transformed ECCU with a Strong EC Dollar; Strong, diversified and resilient financial system; Sustainable public finances; Single economic and financial space, single-digit unemployment (full employment); with a striving and thriving citizenry. He outlined the ECCB’s strategic plan, highlighting some selective initiatives which included building Fiscal, Economic, Environmental and Social Resilience. He identified some skillset in some critical areas, which included: technical skills, cognitive abilities, complex problem solving, social, process skills and systems skills. In concluding his keenly listened to delivery, he urged that we go forth with “Nowness;” (a word he coined to emphasize immediate urgency) boldness; and togetherness.


    Mr. Abraham Lester Andall, the newly elected President of the Chamber who took over leadership from Past President Ruel Edwards, reiterated in his brief address to the attendees, reminded the audience of the Chamber’s relevance and the focus on building its membership through the small and micro business sectors. He called for “all hands to be on deck”, if we are to succeed in this quest, and echoed the Executive Director in encouraging members to support the quest to find a stable home for the Chamber.


    The Chamber Awards covered the period July 2016 to August 2017. This year, the Chamber added two (2) new categories in response to feedback received. First award was the“Outstanding Woman in Agricultural Production, celebrating our women who work hard to feed the nation. This award was won by Ms. Lynthia Lewis and sponsored by Marketing and National Importing Board (MNIB). The other award was, “Innovative Business of the Year,” encouraging and celebrating innovation. This keenly contested award was won byI’M Local and sponsored by the Grenada Investment Development Corporation (GIDC).


    Winning the coveted “Business of the Year” award was ARIZA Credit Union, sponsored by SOL EC Ltd. The other keenly sought after award, the Dr. Nicholas Earle Brathwaite Award for “Excellence in the Application of Digital Technology,” was won by Hexive Creative Agency for the second consecutive year; they also won the “Small Business of the Year” award, which was sponsored by St. George’s University. The “Rising Star” award this year was won by “Grenada Online Shopping Mall, sponsored by Grenada Distillers Ltd.”. This year saw a record number of small businesses, who are also members of the Chamber, being nominated and winning awards.


    The Board of Directors expresses thanks to our Guest Speaker Governor Timothy Antoine, all our sponsors, contributors, nominees and winners. We take this opportunity also, to thank all those who participated in making this year’s event the resounding success it was. Congratulations to all nominees you are all winners, and remember that “Your Business is Our Business.”


    The awardees for the 29th Annual Business Awards, for the period July 2016 to August 2017 are:




    Environmental Excellence

    True Blue Bay Resort

    RBTT Bank Grenada Ltd.

    Corporate Social Responsibility


    Digicel Grenada Ltd

    Excellence In Tourism Industry

    Sandals La Source Grenada

    G’da. Hotel And Tourism Authority

    Rising Star

    Grenada Online Shopping Mall

    Grenada Distillers Limited

    Small Business Of The Year

    Hexive Creative Agency

    St. George’s University

    Outstanding Woman in Agriculture

    Lynthia Lewis

    Marketing And National Importing Board

    Service Excellence


    Jonas Browne & Hubbard’s

    Manufacturer of the Year

    Grenada Distillers Ltd.

    Republic Bank Grenada Ltd.

    Employer Of The Year

    Grenada Co-operative Bank Ltd.


    Business Of The Year

    ARIZA Credit Union

    SOL EC Ltd.

    Excellence In Agro-Processing

    Baron Foods Grenada Ltd.

    Century 21 Grenada Ltd

    Excellence In Application Of Digital Technology

    Hexive Creative Agency

    Dr. Nicholas Earle Brathwaite

    Innovative Business Of The Year  

    I’m Local Grenada

    Grenada Investment Development Corporation





















    The Chamber wishes to thank all our sponsors and the following contributors for their continued support of the Chamber’s Annual Business Awards and all its activities.


    Ariza Credit Union

    Bryden & Minors

    Courts Unicomer

    De La Grenada Industries

    Grenada Bottling Company

    Grenada Breweries Ltd.

    Grenadian By Rex Resorts

    Independence Agencies Ltd.

    Real Value IGA Supermarket

    Renwick Thompson & Co. Ltd

    Sandals LaSource Grenada

    Southern Electrical Co Ltd.

    SP’S International Trading Ltd

    Streamline Networks Ltd.

    Tambran By Tamara

    True Blue Bay Resort

    Westerhall Estate Ltd.



    The Board of Directors expresses thanks to our Guest Speaker Governor Timothy Antoine, all our sponsors, contributors, nominees and winners. We take this opportunity also, to thank all those who participated in making this year’s event the resounding success it was. Congratulations to all nominees you are all winners, and remember that “Your Business is Our Business.”


    For more information please contact:


    Petipha Lewis-Smith

    Executive Director

    Grenada chamber of Industry and Commerce

    Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    Phone: 473-440-2937


    Thursday, September 28th







    The Grenada Chamber of Industry & Commerce (GCIC) held its Annual General Meeting on Wednesday 27th September, at the GIDC conference room, Frequente Industrial Park.

    Mr Ruel Edwards, the President, spoke on the challenges faced by the Chamber and the business community during the structural adjustment programme.  He highlighted some of the areas of success for the Chamber - increase in membership, the Bus Shelter programme, increased advocacy and the Chamber’s improved financial position. He also stated that due to the improved financial position the Chamber was able to contribute $15,000 to the Labour Code Review, along with contributions made by members.

    He stated that the GCIC continues to press the Government for a further reduction in the Stamp Tax and to institute an incentive regime for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME).  He noted that the Chamber participated in numerous consultations on behalf of its members, one of which is the soon to be implemented National Export Strategy. He emphasized the role the Chamber played in the discussions with the Americas Business Dialogue, this included improvement in infrastructure and strengthening of trade for goods and services; facilitation of financial resources to spur growth and development; stimulate innovation and entrepreneurship and development of human capital; maximize the potential of the region’s energy and natural resources.  He also noted the GCIC's partnership with the Global Environment Facility Small Grant Programme to build capacity for sustainable projects of NGO’s, CBO’s and CSO’s.

    As part of the ongoing advocacy of the Chamber, Mr. Edwards stated that renewed attention will be placed on the real estate sector and the amendment of the Aliens Land Holding License. He is hopeful that the Chamber will be able to assist with the promotion of investment in the outer parishes to help with job creation in those parishes. He also stated that focus will now be placed on the meat industry, to ensure that Grenada is a viable player for production of meat for the export market. Mr. Edwards specified that going forward one of the focus of the Chamber will be to acquire a home for the Secretariat.

    He underscored the fact that the GCIC Annual Banquet and Business Awards ceremony which will be held on October 28th at the Spice Basket, will include a focus on women in agriculture processing and youth innovation. 

    The Guest Speaker for the evening will be Mr. Timothy Antoine, Governor of the ECCB. The theme for the event is “Strategic Realignment for Growth and Sustainability.”

    The Guest speaker for the AGM, Mr Fitzroy James, Director of Economic and Technical Cooperation, in the Ministry of Economic Development, Planning, Trade and Cooperatives, spoke on the need for “Constructive and Continuous Public Private Structured Dialogue and Engagement, as a necessary requirement for Sustainable and Inclusive Development.”

    At the AGM a new board was elected and The Executive Director, Ms Petipha Lewis-Smith thanked the outgoing board members, for their invaluable service to the Chamber and welcomed the incoming Board.

    Incoming Board:




    Mr. Abraham Lester Andall


    Grenada Distillers Ltd.

    Mr. Emmanuel Duncan

    1st Vice President     

    Ezone Ltd.

    Mr Salim Rahaman

    2nd Vice President

    Spice Isle Retreaders

    Mrs Naomi De Allie


    Republic Bank Ltd.

    Ms.Judy McCutcheon


    GoBlue Inc.

    Ms.Camille Goddard



    Mr. Osmond Henry


    Jonas Browne & Hubbard (G’da) Ltd.

    Ms.  X. Cherebin-Forsyth



    Mr.Garfield Hankey


    Hankey’s Computer Store

    Mr Anderson Stanisclaus


    Streamline Networks Ltd.

    Mr.Neil Nedd


    Nedd’s Rental Services



    For further information please contact Petipa Lewis-Smith, Executive Director, at the GCIC Secretariat at telephone number 440-2937 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..



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