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    Thursday, September 28th







    The Grenada Chamber of Industry & Commerce (GCIC) held its Annual General Meeting on Wednesday 27th September, at the GIDC conference room, Frequente Industrial Park.

    Mr Ruel Edwards, the President, spoke on the challenges faced by the Chamber and the business community during the structural adjustment programme.  He highlighted some of the areas of success for the Chamber - increase in membership, the Bus Shelter programme, increased advocacy and the Chamber’s improved financial position. He also stated that due to the improved financial position the Chamber was able to contribute $15,000 to the Labour Code Review, along with contributions made by members.

    He stated that the GCIC continues to press the Government for a further reduction in the Stamp Tax and to institute an incentive regime for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME).  He noted that the Chamber participated in numerous consultations on behalf of its members, one of which is the soon to be implemented National Export Strategy. He emphasized the role the Chamber played in the discussions with the Americas Business Dialogue, this included improvement in infrastructure and strengthening of trade for goods and services; facilitation of financial resources to spur growth and development; stimulate innovation and entrepreneurship and development of human capital; maximize the potential of the region’s energy and natural resources.  He also noted the GCIC's partnership with the Global Environment Facility Small Grant Programme to build capacity for sustainable projects of NGO’s, CBO’s and CSO’s.

    As part of the ongoing advocacy of the Chamber, Mr. Edwards stated that renewed attention will be placed on the real estate sector and the amendment of the Aliens Land Holding License. He is hopeful that the Chamber will be able to assist with the promotion of investment in the outer parishes to help with job creation in those parishes. He also stated that focus will now be placed on the meat industry, to ensure that Grenada is a viable player for production of meat for the export market. Mr. Edwards specified that going forward one of the focus of the Chamber will be to acquire a home for the Secretariat.

    He underscored the fact that the GCIC Annual Banquet and Business Awards ceremony which will be held on October 28th at the Spice Basket, will include a focus on women in agriculture processing and youth innovation. 

    The Guest Speaker for the evening will be Mr. Timothy Antoine, Governor of the ECCB. The theme for the event is “Strategic Realignment for Growth and Sustainability.”

    The Guest speaker for the AGM, Mr Fitzroy James, Director of Economic and Technical Cooperation, in the Ministry of Economic Development, Planning, Trade and Cooperatives, spoke on the need for “Constructive and Continuous Public Private Structured Dialogue and Engagement, as a necessary requirement for Sustainable and Inclusive Development.”

    At the AGM a new board was elected and The Executive Director, Ms Petipha Lewis-Smith thanked the outgoing board members, for their invaluable service to the Chamber and welcomed the incoming Board.

    Incoming Board:




    Mr. Abraham Lester Andall


    Grenada Distillers Ltd.

    Mr. Emmanuel Duncan

    1st Vice President     

    Ezone Ltd.

    Mr Salim Rahaman

    2nd Vice President

    Spice Isle Retreaders

    Mrs Naomi De Allie


    Republic Bank Ltd.

    Ms.Judy McCutcheon


    GoBlue Inc.

    Ms.Camille Goddard



    Mr. Osmond Henry


    Jonas Browne & Hubbard (G’da) Ltd.

    Ms.  X. Cherebin-Forsyth



    Mr.Garfield Hankey


    Hankey’s Computer Store

    Mr Anderson Stanisclaus


    Streamline Networks Ltd.

    Mr.Neil Nedd


    Nedd’s Rental Services



    For further information please contact Petipa Lewis-Smith, Executive Director, at the GCIC Secretariat at telephone number 440-2937 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..



    The Grenada Chamber of Industry and Commerce in collaboration with the Grenada Development Bank is mobilizing hurricane relief for our brothers and sisters in hurricane ravaged Dominica.


    ‘The Flying Buzzard’a vessel organised by the Grenada Development Bank will be docked on the Carenage on Friday 22nd September, 2017 from 7:30 a.m. to receive relief from persons willing to lend a helping hand. 


    The items that are needed at this time are as follows:

    -          Water

    -          Food

    -          Lumber

    -          Tarpaulin

    -          Tents

    -          Sleeping Bags


    The boat will be receiving items from and for everyone, for example;

    -          Organisation to Organisation

    -          Person to person

    -          General Donation


    Please circulate to others who might be interested in donating to this worthy cause.

    We thank you for your generous donations and for your continued support and solidarity.



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    St. George’s, Grenada – Tuesday September 19th, 2017.


    The National Disaster Management Agency (NaDMA) stands ready to support our regional counterparts, those affected by both Hurricane Irma and now Hurricane Maria.

    The Agency continues to mobilize assistance through goods and services working with the guidance of the CDEMA coordinating Unit in fulfilling the specific needs of the affected States.

    “We are thinking about our neighbors in the affected states in this difficult time and will do everything we can to alleviate the situation, we are depending on the support of the entire nation to help NaDMA do this”, said Acting Deputy Disaster Coordinator Ms. Samantha Dickson.

    NaDMA encourages all Grenadians to stand ready, to give more, much more, as it would take an extraordinary effort now to support a larger affected Caribbean. 

    For additional information, please contact NaDMA on 440-8390-4 & 440-0838, or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.NaDMA, the official source for all disaster related information in Grenada. 



    For More Information Contact

    Oslyn Crosby

    PRO – NaDMA


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